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Influence of Covid 19 in School Learning in India
Indian education through online portals had shown a high level of acceptance. I have observed for some time. This had turned out to be a vital aspect of our school. There are benefits of education using websites. The model of education has been scalable. The universities got permission from the government of India. They provide degrees online. The change will recreate the sector across the nation. I found the value of the Education Market to be $ 8.6 Billion within 2026.

Impact of the Internet in Village

I can observe the presence of the internet. This is the basic reason for the rise in education using websites across India. From 2019 to 2020, there is a rise in users of the internet across the country. The total number of users is 128 million. Initially, the villagers in our country use the internet in comparison to the cities of India. I came to know about the impact of covid-19 on education essay.

Factors of E-learning in India               

There is a rise in internet use. The reason is the data of 4G has a low cost. I observe a rise in the penetration of smartphones. The cost of online education has been low in comparison to general programs. The policies of the government on e-learning are quite suitable. They are SWAYAM and Digital India. There is a growing requirement for professionals. The reason is their flexibility in time.

the impact of covid-19 on educationInfluence of COVID over The Online Education 

I believe the reason is a corona virus. The students are choosing online learning. When India came within lockdown, there is a change in concept with e-learning. I found a great prospect in online education. The schools are going to open again. They are going to open with a small number of children. The goal is to ensure social distancing. I came to know about the positive impact of covid-19 on education.

How Education System in Schools Changed in Pandemic

The researchers have found the schools are closing in 188 countries. It is based on the report of April 2020. Several schools are adopting new techniques to offer education. They adopt technologies like television, the Internet, along with the radio. There is a limited reach of those technologies. It is especially for countries having middle-income and low income. It is prevalent among poor people.

Importance of Remote Learning in Education 

I believe that 90 % of countries have chosen remote learning. There is 60% success in digital media in pre-primary education. I found the policy of governments will help in learning. It uses digital media. It permitted 69 % of children in schools. This is the maximum reach from pre-primary education to secondary education across the world. I believe that you will get a clear idea of the impact of covid-19 on online education in India.

Role of Internet in School Education 

Around the world, there are 31% of children in school. The total number is 463 million. The broadcast is the only way of reaching them. It is also difficult to get a remote learning policy using the internet. At home, there is a lack of gadgets. I did not choose those policies.

Vital Facts of Government on Education 

The government is using those platforms. They offer education when the schools are shut down. I found the adoption of the method in 83% of countries. About one-fourth of children across the world are using it. There is a capacity of television to get 62% of students across the world. I have found that I can access 16% of schoolchildren through learning based on radio. It is important to know that remote learning is not possible for ¾ students around the world. The reason is that they live in villages. They have poor economic conditions. I felt the conclusion of impact of covid-19 in education.

online education during covid-19Impact of Rural Education in Pandemic 

There are rural areas along with poor families. I have come to know about schools. There is a shutdown of 1.5 million schools in India at the time of the pandemic. I have found a shift in education across digital platforms. The internet is available to 24% of people. It was the information from a survey of the government in 2019.

Rise of Online Learning in Villages of India

In the village area of India, I have found the number is low. About 4% of villagers get access. The ministry of education has a budget. There is a reduction in digital e-learning. From 2020 to 2021, it is Rs 469 crore. With the onset of Covid, the figure had been Rs 604 crore in the last year.  

Report of UNICEF on School Children

I examined the report of UNICEF. I had found there is a disturbance in the education system in pandemics throughout the world. 90% of students have a different lifestyle. In different parts of India, I have come to know about 1.5 million schools. They were shut down. The reason is the pandemic. It influenced 286 million students. They were studying in pre-primary and secondary standards.

World Bank Report on Schools in Pandemic 

The shocking fact is that there are 6 million boys and girls. I came to know the number of school dropouts before Covid-19. There is a ban on education. It had significant implications for the economy. From the World Bank report, I came to know the influence of the closure of a school. It is based on finance. They are going to lose Rs 32.3 lakh crore or $440 billion. I felt this is the income in the future. I shared valuable information on the negative impact of covid-19 on education.

impact of covid-19 on online educationConnection of COVID-19 and Education

There is a buzzword in the pandemic of Covid-19. I have found the report of a network of global education. The internet in India is quite far away. I think they are going to assist in the shift. The internet is available to 24% of people. It is based on the study of government in 2019. I hope you can understand the relationship between covid-19 and education.

 NITI Aayog on Indian School Education in Pandemic 

From people living in the villages, the number is quite low. The statistics revealed 4% of members had received access. The report of NITI Aayog in 2018 showed 55,000 villages across India. They did not get the network of mobile. There was a survey in 2017-18. The rural development ministry showed 36% of schools in India do not have electricity. Technology is the top priority. I found the isolation of children. These children come from poor families. I had resisted carrying out the studies. There is a struggle among people. I came to know that the teachers did not get any training. I discovered a shift in online training.

 Benefits of Online Learning in Pandemic 

There is a disruption in education due to the COVID-19. I found that it spoiled healthcare worldwide. The health conditions created challenging situations in education. The instructors can safely offer lectures. Online learning assures integrity for education. The students can understand the situation during a pandemic.

Importance of Online Survey in Pandemic

I observed the cross-sectional survey. I came to know the state of students of medicine. This survey was made in India. It was an online survey. They got help from social networking sites and email. I came to know about status in society. I surveyed demographic data. There is a relation between online learning with medicine. I found the effect on the gadget. I believe you can come to know about the impact of covid-19 on education system in India essay.

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